my mom

For those of you, who have not met my mom, or whom have met her, and didn't notice anything peculiar about her, she is a petite little lady. She also suffers from chronic pain - and can be seen shuffling around the house with her beautiful blue eyes partially open. She uses many things to curb her pain - devices and pills, that Jason has become familiar with in his seven years with our family.

Last night, mom brought out her TENS machine (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator), a method of pain relief. It consists of a tiny control box (transformer) and four wires with electrodes attached to sticky pads. I hooked her all up - attaching the four sticky pads on specific places on her back (careful not to cross any wires, or attach to any large freckles) - and we took her out shopping!

Luckily, we had her jumper cables hooked up just in case there was a stall in our trip!


ugh, I have had a flu bug for almost a week now...

I have many disjointed posts running through my head, and I will hopefully get them here soon.


our back yard neighbour

Jason and I have lived here in this house for two and a half years. For those of you who don't know, we live in a new development - the kind of house where our backyard neighbour's kitchen, is less than fifty feet from our over sized, great room window.

When we moved here, we expected to get to know our neighbours, or at the very least, know their names. If you ever come to visit us, you will notice us talking about Tim and Anita, and Maria: they are our side neighbours (less than 10 feet either way). As for the others on our street, or in behind us, we have more descriptive names for them: MTS guy, the ones in so-and-so's old house, bungalow guy, green bungalow people, destructo's house, the ones who never open their blinds, and lastly our favourites...the people in behind us.

The descriptive name for the people in behind has evolved over the past year - thanks in part to their ever-entertaining actions...and also to our imagination.

*here we go again, it's time for me to add a small explanation here: We have tried to learn most of our neighbours names. Last Christmas, we hand delivered Christmas cards with our names, and location on them to each house. We have also made small talk across the yards - but their names remain a mystery. We do know that MTS guy is Rob, but we don't know his wife's name (more on that in a future post) or his children's names...and because I snuck a peek at the enumeration list when I voted last time, I know where John lives.

Ok, back to the story...

The family in the house behind us consists of a mother, a father, two young girls under the age of 6, and a family cat under the age of one. The mother runs a daycare from her home (except for two weeks in July when the whole family left for a vacation), and dad appears to work a 9-5 job. For the first while, we didn't have a descriptive name for this family - until they built a wonky fence. They then became the wonky fence people, whose fence did not provide enough privacy to keep the colour and style of the mother's underwear private. So then their descriptive name had more to do with her underwear and Saturday evenings than anything else.

Now all the while we are getting to know this family through (even the intimate details we didn't care to know) the windows, we recognized that the mother/wife/woman/day care worker was unstoppable! This woman is constantly on the go - she does everything! I see her washing her windows - in the middle of the week, in the middle of the day! She starts the BBQ for dinner as soon as the last day care bud is gone - and she makes the family dinner by herself! I once saw her laying on her hammock on the deck, reading a book, and BBQing! Did I mention that she also acted as the lead carpenter/architect/foreman during the building of said deck? She gets her hair done every six weeks - cut and colour!

So now we have adopted a new descriptive name for the family in the house across the back from us. According to a particular person who visits us here, everyone household should have one of these...A STEPFORD WIFE.

Yup, and when they went for two weeks of vacation time in early July, we think that the husband was having her motherboard updated.


Emily and Lady Fingers (aka Mom)

at the Old Spaghetti Factory, on August 17


This past Friday, I celebrated my birthday...number 33 is currently being recorded! As my dad said, 33 should be a good number for me as it's a couple of curly numbers - something different - nothing boring.

I often wonder if people would guess that I am 33. I certainly don't feel 33. And I don't feel that I live the life of the majority of 33 year olds. I remember being younger and thinking that 33 is spectacularly old.

So what makes us appear to others, the age that we are? Are there things other than our drivers liscence and birth certificate that provide proof of your age in the eyes of others? Is my 10 year old neighbour looking at me and thinking that 33 is spectacularly old?

I would bet that she is, because today, I called her by her sister's name. A sure sign of old age.



words were muttered

Yesterday, Sunday, was a beautiful day here in the 'Peg...nice enough to sit outside on the deck and play a game of Scrabble. The sun was shining and there was only a slight breeze in the air. For Jason, the smell of victory was with him the minute he awoke.

As for myself, I wake up every morning and need time to adjust - let my pills do their job. But Jason was keen, and quickly said to me, "How's your brain today?". I quickly scanned my surroundings without moving my head - all was stable. "Good.", I replied with firmness in my voice. Jason nodded his head approvingly and said, "I thought that maybe we could play Scrabble today".

Now, some of you may need a small history lesson inserted here.

I was born into a gaming family - it's in my blood. I believe that it is one of the things that Jason loves about me - most days. Cards, board games, word games - we do it all, and my sister, Andrea, and I are quite good. Yes, we were taught by the best: Gramma Hamilton, Grandma Fryer, and of course Mom and Dad.

Have you heard the one about the husband (Brent) who lost over 100 consecutive Scrabble games to his wife, Andrea? It is one of my favourite stories. But for Brent and Jason, it isn't just a Scrabble game that they find more challenging than skipping double dutch in Harlem. Brent has voiced his frustration many times, "Jeez Grant, did you have to teach your daughters how to play cards?!".

Jason and I first realized last summer that I was having brain difficulties because I was struggling at Scrabble. I was like a limping runner...struggling to make sense of the letters. So now, we gauge my progress on Scrabble games.

Now back to our story about Sunday...

On my third turn, I played the word STARTIN...connecting to a G. That is all seven letters, starting on a triple word space, 80 points. Jason mutters "Those d*!$ Fryer girls! I'm just playing for pride now".

The final score was Emily 387, Jason 292.

Jason is awaiting the arrival of my mom...he figures that if we play a three handed game of Scrabble, he will at least have a chance of finishing second....ROFLMAO.

He might need this website:

You can enter a replica of your Scrabble board, and the tiles that you have on your tray, and it will find words for you! Awesome!



so much to say...

Oh the things that I could type about...

Mom "Lady Fingers" Fryer is on her way here tomorrow. woohoo! She is coming to relax, and I surmise that she will be able to do that, as my "blooms" are a hopeless case. They have had too much heat, too much wind, torrential rain, and a touch of hail.

I just came across a new article on MS research:

I found this information exciting! I don't generally get hyped up over news articles on MS, but this one contains what appears to be hopefull information, and actually be something in the nearest of the near futures. I also found out last week that there is going to be a new drug for MS out in 2009. I didn't get too excited over that, as there is a drug out now, but no one can take it unless they want to pay the approximate cost of $3000/month out of their own pocket! (appearantely some private insurance companies are now covering this cost, but no provincial drug plan will reimburse for it)

I may have mentioned it here before, but just in case I didn't, the drug is called Tsyrabi. It is administered 13 times/year through an intravenous infusion.

Hey, I don't think that I mentioned this...I had a brain MRI in May, and I found out a few weeks ago that it showed no new lesions! The lesions that were present, were still hanging around from January (I guess that I am a fantastic host!), but they did show a decreased signal.

I am happy with that information. Yes, an MRI is simply a picture in time. But one of the ways the progression of the disease is tracked is through the presence (or lack of presence) of new lesions. Lesions represent medical evidence of the disease.




This is for the post on baseball players Roger Clemens and Alex Rodriguez...

Jose Canseco's second book, "Vindication", is due out this fall. It promises to contain the dirt on Alex Rodriguez.

I know that the book will be in my house, just like Canseco's first book, "Juiced".

My Celebrity Look-Alikes

Baseball in my opinion

I haven't really concerned myself with Barry Bonds*.

Rather, I'm thinking about other records, or future Baseball Hall of Fame inductees. Bonds got caught. For this reason, we are left focused on Bonds.

So this baseball season, when I watch a game, I find myself saying - "Hey, doesn't he look smaller than he did last year?", in an excited and accusing sort of way.

In particular, Roger Clemens of the New York Yankees - doesn't he look smaller? Maybe he keeps returning from retirement so that he can try to pitch a "clean" season. So what are we going to do with Roger? Roger is named on the same affidavit that got Barry into trouble.

And what about Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees - he couldn't hit a beach ball last year - and this year he leads the majors in home runs and RBI's - can you say CORK? I think that his ego was hurting so much after his disgrace of a season last year, that he would do anything to redeem himself.

Oh well, that's my opinion.

Swingin' out,



Ok - flickr is too picky. I might just have to go back to my other photo sharing site - Shutterfly.

I have attempted to change the privacy settings, but you still may have to sign up for flickr yourself in order to see, and definitely to comment on the photos.

Let me know if anything has changed.

I wish that I could design my own photo sharing website,

I have been away for a bit...get it? is the bit...

Check out the pictures from our trip:

I'll be back soon with lots to say!

Freckles abounding,


Top 10 Reasons Why I Have MS

10. bad karma
9. good karma
8. to feed the neighbourhood gossip
7. I am a Manitoban living in Canada
6. to highlight certain aspects of my personality
5. I love RED
4. The Young and The Restless needed another loyal viewer
3. my mental math skills needed some improvement
2. I'm 33 years away from retirement, and the neighbours need to be watched now

and the number one reason why I have MS...

Jason needs more to do around the house!

Adeus para agora,

Little bits about my life with MS

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