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Yesterday, Sunday, was a beautiful day here in the 'Peg...nice enough to sit outside on the deck and play a game of Scrabble. The sun was shining and there was only a slight breeze in the air. For Jason, the smell of victory was with him the minute he awoke.

As for myself, I wake up every morning and need time to adjust - let my pills do their job. But Jason was keen, and quickly said to me, "How's your brain today?". I quickly scanned my surroundings without moving my head - all was stable. "Good.", I replied with firmness in my voice. Jason nodded his head approvingly and said, "I thought that maybe we could play Scrabble today".

Now, some of you may need a small history lesson inserted here.

I was born into a gaming family - it's in my blood. I believe that it is one of the things that Jason loves about me - most days. Cards, board games, word games - we do it all, and my sister, Andrea, and I are quite good. Yes, we were taught by the best: Gramma Hamilton, Grandma Fryer, and of course Mom and Dad.

Have you heard the one about the husband (Brent) who lost over 100 consecutive Scrabble games to his wife, Andrea? It is one of my favourite stories. But for Brent and Jason, it isn't just a Scrabble game that they find more challenging than skipping double dutch in Harlem. Brent has voiced his frustration many times, "Jeez Grant, did you have to teach your daughters how to play cards?!".

Jason and I first realized last summer that I was having brain difficulties because I was struggling at Scrabble. I was like a limping runner...struggling to make sense of the letters. So now, we gauge my progress on Scrabble games.

Now back to our story about Sunday...

On my third turn, I played the word STARTIN...connecting to a G. That is all seven letters, starting on a triple word space, 80 points. Jason mutters "Those d*!$ Fryer girls! I'm just playing for pride now".

The final score was Emily 387, Jason 292.

Jason is awaiting the arrival of my mom...he figures that if we play a three handed game of Scrabble, he will at least have a chance of finishing second....ROFLMAO.

He might need this website:


You can enter a replica of your Scrabble board, and the tiles that you have on your tray, and it will find words for you! Awesome!




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