Baseball in my opinion

I haven't really concerned myself with Barry Bonds*.

Rather, I'm thinking about other records, or future Baseball Hall of Fame inductees. Bonds got caught. For this reason, we are left focused on Bonds.

So this baseball season, when I watch a game, I find myself saying - "Hey, doesn't he look smaller than he did last year?", in an excited and accusing sort of way.

In particular, Roger Clemens of the New York Yankees - doesn't he look smaller? Maybe he keeps returning from retirement so that he can try to pitch a "clean" season. So what are we going to do with Roger? Roger is named on the same affidavit that got Barry into trouble.

And what about Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees - he couldn't hit a beach ball last year - and this year he leads the majors in home runs and RBI's - can you say CORK? I think that his ego was hurting so much after his disgrace of a season last year, that he would do anything to redeem himself.

Oh well, that's my opinion.

Swingin' out,



Dad said...
August 12, 2007 at 11:54 a.m.

Can't agree about Rodriguez. He's the youngest player to reach 500 home runs. That makes me think he didn't start hitting just when he got off the boat from Ireland.

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