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Mom "Lady Fingers" Fryer is on her way here tomorrow. woohoo! She is coming to relax, and I surmise that she will be able to do that, as my "blooms" are a hopeless case. They have had too much heat, too much wind, torrential rain, and a touch of hail.

I just came across a new article on MS research:

I found this information exciting! I don't generally get hyped up over news articles on MS, but this one contains what appears to be hopefull information, and actually be something in the nearest of the near futures. I also found out last week that there is going to be a new drug for MS out in 2009. I didn't get too excited over that, as there is a drug out now, but no one can take it unless they want to pay the approximate cost of $3000/month out of their own pocket! (appearantely some private insurance companies are now covering this cost, but no provincial drug plan will reimburse for it)

I may have mentioned it here before, but just in case I didn't, the drug is called Tsyrabi. It is administered 13 times/year through an intravenous infusion.

Hey, I don't think that I mentioned this...I had a brain MRI in May, and I found out a few weeks ago that it showed no new lesions! The lesions that were present, were still hanging around from January (I guess that I am a fantastic host!), but they did show a decreased signal.

I am happy with that information. Yes, an MRI is simply a picture in time. But one of the ways the progression of the disease is tracked is through the presence (or lack of presence) of new lesions. Lesions represent medical evidence of the disease.




Little bits about my life with MS

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