This past Friday, I celebrated my birthday...number 33 is currently being recorded! As my dad said, 33 should be a good number for me as it's a couple of curly numbers - something different - nothing boring.

I often wonder if people would guess that I am 33. I certainly don't feel 33. And I don't feel that I live the life of the majority of 33 year olds. I remember being younger and thinking that 33 is spectacularly old.

So what makes us appear to others, the age that we are? Are there things other than our drivers liscence and birth certificate that provide proof of your age in the eyes of others? Is my 10 year old neighbour looking at me and thinking that 33 is spectacularly old?

I would bet that she is, because today, I called her by her sister's name. A sure sign of old age.




Little bits about my life with MS

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