regarding my previous post on MS

As the title says, regarding my previous post, I have theories as to what causes MS, and they don't revolve around a lack of sunlight (from which you receive vitamin D).

Now my credentials aren't the best. I only took the mandatory sciences in high school (chemistry) and I was too busy confronting the teacher for being a sexist, that I don't remember much about the material.

However, I know that I did not experience a lack of sunlight in my childhood. I'm from a generation that lived outside (unlike the current one). I worshiped the sun, and despite having freckles, I rarely burned in the sun. I await the day that I'm told I have irreparable skin damage or disease because I didn't wear sunscreen...I wasn't supposed to be told that I have MS because I likely didn't get enough sun.

So how does that translate to the statistics that show there are more people diagnosed with MS in northern hemisphere countries...could it be that we are more efficient and confident at diagnosing it?

Or...This brings me to my theory. I believe that they are on the cusp of solving the MS mystery. I think that they have the information they need - in the pregnant women with MS. I believe that there is something hormonal that causes it (which would explain why more women than men have MS). We now know that the disease appears to almost go into remission when a woman is pregnant.

Ok, so why is it more common in the northern hemisphere...I don't know. I didn't take science, or statistics for that matter, but I could say, it's hormones, they can be different because of the food we eat!

When I received my diagnosis, I was told by my trusty neurologist (he himself is a spinal cord researcher) (not the other one) that he believes MS will be solved in our lifetime. Go researchers!

This is me worshiping the sun, in the dark (Aug 1988)

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Anonymous said...
July 26, 2007 at 10:29 p.m.

go researchers!!

since becoming anti-aspartame i've seen some studies relating to ms and aspartame...have you any theories on those studies?


Emms said...
July 27, 2007 at 9:32 a.m.

I haven't seen anything about ms and aspartame. I will look into that. Just call me dr. solve-all!

Little bits about my life with MS

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