it's time for a change

I have always found the word "sclerosis" disturbing. It just isn't a nice word: it can be difficult to pronounce, and it doesn't really sound like anything in our daily language. I wonder if I never bothered to learn anything about MS just because I didn't like the word - it scared me.

Now I know that sclerosis is the hardening of tissues, or the formation of scars around the nerve cells.

So I was thinking, if ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) is commonly referred to as Lou-Gehrig's disease, why can't MS have a famous name?

I have listed some potential names here:

Annette Funicello disease
Teri Garr disease
Alan Eagleson disease
Lena Horne disease
Montel Williams disease
David Lander disease
Richard Pryor disease
Alan Osmond disease

My personal preference would be Mo-Williams Disease. Do you think he would mind?
The above listed celebrities have multiple sclerosis. There are more - too many to make a list here. There are even lists of celebrities with family members with MS (Wade Boggs' sister, Adam Sandler's cousin etc) but that would make for too long of a name.




Little bits about my life with MS

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