Ugh. I just had one of those awful dreams, from which when you wake up, you are exhausted: mentally and physically beat.

For me, it is a slightly altered replay of my days as a Swiss Chalet/Zellers Restaurant food server (in other words, a waitress). I call it slightly altered because my uniform is a Zellers polyester wrap around dress, with the uncaring, unprofessional, and rude kitchen help is Swiss Chalet. Those two elements alone make it a nightmare.

Anyway, the details of the dream aren't the important part, and there isn't much involved in the dream, other than me scurrying around between two sides of the restaurant, never able to catch up with things. I don't get the food out before the fries get cold. I arrive at the table carrying four full dinner plates, and I can't remember who ordered what, and the people at the table just sit there, motionless and speechless, when I say, "ok, a 1/2 chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy...". I can't get out coffee refills, and the table behind the one that needs coffee, wants there order taken, and the table beside that one wants their dessert, and the kitchen meanies are calling me to pick up the order for across the restaurant, and I can't find a cloth to wipe off a dirty table that new people are now sitting at, and these isn't any cream out to get some for the coffee refill table.

But that's ok, because another server thought that she would be helpful, and while passing by carrying dirty plates, she drops down 3 creamers on my table, "here you go". No wait, that's not helpful, the creamers are empty.

And this dream just keep going on, and on, and on...


Anonymous said...
July 23, 2007 at 3:13 p.m.

sounds like you need some organizational help...i'm free on sunday i think :)

Emms said...
July 23, 2007 at 6:14 p.m.

good analysis!

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