I was going somewhere with this

I am a scanner of news articles. That is, I don't always read the whole article. I read the title, decide if I'm interested, and depending on my level of interest, I either read it from top to bottom (often repeating sentences) or I scan the article for key words.

Now this must go back to being in school, and using this technique (the scanning, not reading top to bottom) to read quickly, highlighting key points to get the facts or the support for the thesis of the article/book. So when I read the title for the following article, I decided that I was interested, but only enough to scan it.


After scanning the article, I concluded that Beaver Magazine must be a satirical publication - nothing to take seriously - grocery line trash stuff. How could Pierre Trudeau be voted the worst Canadian in Canada's history? So I decide to re-scan the article, only to find that Beaver Magazine is published by Canada's National History Society...so they must be a satirical fluff organization. They MUST be.

Now let's get back to my reading techniques - I'm not sure that I excel at scanning. I only just realized now that had I excelled at scanning, I would have excelled at university - and not relied on my "creative writing" for my BA.

But then again, my BA is heavily centered around history credits - and history, as tallied in Beaver Magazine, is all about the fiction, not the facts.

I anxiously await your response,



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