Princess Diana

This past Sunday, I watched the Concert for Diana. I have been a Princess Diana follower since she entered into the public eye. I watched her wedding, I watched her funeral, and now I have seen a remembrance celebration of her life, on what would have been her 46th birthday.

The June 18th 2007 Maclean's magazine features Diana on its cover, with text that reads: "Commemorative Issue Diana Ten Years Later: Why the Royals Want Her Forgotten". The main article in the issue (written by Rosalind Miles) is nothing commemorative at all. It's all about the Diana that we barely knew, the "insights" into her life following her death, the books that are yet to published that depict Diana as everything but the People's Princess. The article paints Diana in a bad light (even Jason noticed, and he's not a Diana follower).

I don't care about that stuff. What her son's did, assembling artistic performances and footage of their mother being a compassionate person, I care about. In death, I don't care if dirt on Anna Nicole Smith is stirred up. But for Diana, a woman who filled her life with charity, compassion, and patronage, let that be the end. And Maclean's - don't fill your Commemorative Issue with gossip and dirt when there is solid proof of things worth commemorating.

Now I'm not denying that Diana may have had another side: that she may have suffered from emotional issues, that she was unhappy, that she was manipulative and selfish, and had too many lovers. Diana was a real person. A real person who did extraordinary things when no one else would.


Anonymous said...
July 14, 2007 at 7:54 p.m.

I too saw the D. B'Day party. I enjoyed seeing "the boys" having a good time. I also enjoyed all of the clips of her life and the many things she had done.


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