What I Learned About Garlic

I'm so glad that I watch television. Where else would I learn about how to select garlic at the grocery store? I mean, who just decides to Google garlic (I confess, I just did in preparation for this post).

Have you ever brought a garlic bulb home and had it fall apart? Or gone to chop up a clove, and it was all dry? Let me share some hints with you, so that doesn't happen again...

1. don't buy a bulb that is falling apart or starting to open up - it's old
2. bulbs with pink-purplish bits are fairly fresh (picked recently)
3. toss the bulb in the air - the faster it comes down, the younger it is (older bulbs are lighter and don't fall as fast)


Danielle said...
September 1, 2011 at 9:55 a.m.


I never knew how to pick garlic, or any produce for that matter.

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