ChocoBanana with PB

um yeah. Just let me finish licking my fingers...

This morning I stumbled across a recipe for a frozen treat (in actuality, it scrolled by on my twitterfeed and I click it). It seemed pretty easy - I had all of the ingredients (minus one because I don't like coconut): peanut butter, chocolate chips and bananas.

I'm not a fan of peanut butter and chocolate together, but I do like chocolate, and I do like peanut butter and banana together. And I had some coloured sprinkles to replace the coconut.

I didn't take any photos as the blog where I found the recipe has enough. But I can give you two suggestions:

1. make sure your banana chunks are large, and the banana is firm. Mine were difficult to maneuver without using my fingers.

2. the warmer the chocolate/peanut butter mix, the neater the coating job

So with no further chatter - here is the link to this delicious treat: (never home)maker

Enjoy...I sure did!


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