A Vacation Within a Vacation

The second annual Winnipeg-Ontario family vacay in Wisconsin starts this week-end. There will be lots of games played, lots of towel drying after swimming, numerous bottles of sunscreen applied, and great food. What there won't be is Rebif - no injections for me.

I have decided to take another Rebif Holiday. These are maybe becoming a little too frequent, but until I see my neuro in October, this is how I plan to handle it. This time, I'm taking a full 2 weeks off, not just the one week that I have taken lately. This means that my sites will have a 3 week break from the drug. My sites are ugly and the pain during injection is scary...okay, the pain isn't scary, my yelling and screaming is scary. My arm sites aren't just ugly, they are sore. If it was just ugliness, I could handle it.

I see no point in tainting this vacation with my troubles. It's a 10 hour for Jason and I and a 10 hour drive for those coming from Kitchener. So there will be no PID sickness and no pausing in the middle of a card game so that I can do my shot. The only pausing will be to refill the drinks and the chip bowl!

I tested out my water hat earlier this summer - it's ready to go! Now, I will pack.


Ladyfingers said...
August 29, 2011 at 8:18 a.m.

What a cutsie pic Em. Kinda reminds me of Wonder Woman, a title that suits you.

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