Failing My Goals

I think that it is normal to set goals (even mini goals) for the day. Well maybe "goal" is too heavy of a word: it's good to intend to accomplish things in a day, and therefore work to accomplish these things. Or is this my own warped thinking: every day must have purpose; we have responsibilities to ourselves, our loved ones, and our community.

I have recently come to the realization that I don't ever set "napping" as a goal. It is never something that I intend to do. It is in fact, something I fight against doing. Napping gets in the way of the other goals I have set, like beading, dead heading flowers, sweeping, or making cookies. Napping takes precious time away from my REAL goals (my average nap is 2 hours long and then I require cobweb shaking after that).

So by not setting out to nap every day (making it a goal), I fail at accomplishing my daily goals.

Can you see how that works?


Little bits about my life with MS

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