Today has been a down day. Lots of time spent in my bed, in my most relaxed and least energy consuming position. What is such a position...and I'm not alone in recognizing this, as I have recently clothes, on my stomach, arms spread wide. Wearing clothes uses energy. And lately, I have spent my energy on other things, rendering clothing optional.

Yesterday afternoon, I attended a CCSVI rally at the Manitoba Legislative building. Accompanied by Jason, C-Dazzle, and Jay, I stood in front of the grand building, with more than 100 other Manitobans. CCSVI Manitoba is one of many grass roots organizations sprouting up in Canada, working for the common goal of making Chronic Cerebral Spinal Venous Insufficiency testing and Liberation available (legally) in Canada. Instead of being treated here, Canadians are traveling to India, Poland, Kuwait, and Egypt for the procedure.

Manitoba wasn't the only province or city holding a rally yesterday. And MS sufferers weren't the only ones acting on behalf of CCSVI: The MS Society of Canada took action yesterday as well, announcing that they will be asking the federal government to earmark $10 million for CCSVI research.

At the rally, we raised signs (when not warming our hands in our jackets!) and listened to a handful of speakers including: Duncan, who was "Liberated" in Poland; Jennifer, who's husband is quickly deteriorating from MS, and has had a positive MRV (strictured and collapsed jugular veins); and Manitoba's Health Minister. The common message, directed to doctors, politicians, and those with the power is this:

Remove MS from the equation, and treat people for CCSVI.


corina said...
May 7, 2010 at 4:58 p.m.

damn that was a cold day for a rally. i look at least have a smile. haha

hopefully the government took notice and will speed things up.
i believe!

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