Rebismart Update

I'm still tinkering with the settings on my Rebismart. I'm trying to make it a bit more comfortable: I flinch when the needle pierces my skin and the medication burns.

The first change that I have made is to adjust the needle speed (the speed which the needle moves) to FAST, an increase from MEDIUM...this seems to offer me less time to flinch. And yesterday, following yet another "I just want to rip this damn thing off my leg because it hurts so bad" injection in my thigh, we have changed the injection speed (the flow of the Rebif) to SLOW, a decrease from MEDIUM.

Hopefully this new mix of slow and fast will ease the discomfort.

Despite the discomfort, I'm still happy to be using the Rebismart injection device. I'm not considering switching back to the manual injection...and I'm definitely not interested in using the Rebiject (spring loaded injection device). If I remember correctly, the burning sensation of the Rebif will get better over time. And, I still have a few more settings that I can adjust.

On another note...

Did you notice in the Walk photos, that I was streaking?

Streaking to support MS!



Klaudia Farkas said...
July 4, 2012 at 1:57 p.m.

Hi Emily!
I was searching in google for Rebismart when I found your blog. I'm Klaudia 22 years old, from Hungary, Europe. MS was diagnosed for me in April, 2012. When it started, i had problems with walking, than a month later my left arm became unskillful. That's why i had to start using Rebismart.
As you mentioned in your blog, the injection is a little unpleasant for me too. And i'm afraid of needles anyway.. I didn't feel differences between the speed of injection, it burns a bit any how i try. However, the bodypart matters a lot for me. Injection into belly hurts more than into legs or arms. I only use this device for a couple of weeks, so i have to get used to it. :/
It's good to see/read that there are ppl with MS living a fulfill life. In Hungary, MS is a kind of taboo, i don't have anyone to talk about it (except my MS nurse and family). I've read about 'MS walk' which, i think, is a great event. Unfortunately we don't have anything like that in Hungary.It felt sympathetic to read your blog, and i hope that everything is okay with you, and you live a happy and fulfill life besides MS! :)I'm on the point of living this way too.

Best wishes!

Little bits about my life with MS

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