Oh the Twitching!

Oh, my legs. My flippy, floppy, twitchy legs. And now that the weather is changing, and the sun is hotter, my trusty heating pad is no longer going to be a wanted partner in my bed!

For months, I have slept with a heating pad under my calves. I find that without the heat, my twitches are worse. When the twitching is real bad, I lay on my side, and wrap the heating pad between and around my calves, twisting around so that is is tight on my legs: the combination of heat and binding helps to control things.

But now...dear legs...your season of twitches must come to an end....please.



Ladyfingers said...
May 12, 2010 at 3:41 p.m.

Have you ever tried icing your legs?
Have you asked about a med. for the twitches? There is one for restless legs.


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