Is it time for an increase?

Dr. E (my MS neuro) is wondering if I want to increase my Rebif dosage to 44 micrograms. According to the nurse, Dr E. says that "theoretically, 44 is more beneficial".


I have nothing to lose, and I have to assume that I can always go back to 22.

Have you switched from 22 to 44?



Ladyfingers said...
April 14, 2010 at 9:46 a.m.

Can't say that I have. However, have you had any side effects? You are doubling the dose.I'd be researching the drug with a Parmacist or online or in a CPS before I did that. I know that Dr. E. is the MS expert however, & perhaps you have enough faith in him to go ahead? The drug companies will be getting twice as much money from you remember. Just giving you something to consider. It is your body & your choice.


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