Workshop Week 4

The past two weeks of "class" have been focused on posture, proper sitting, standing, lifting, working...and sandwich use the least possible amount of energy. Good body mechanics, and using your body efficiently can help to bank energy.

Efficiency means using larger and stronger muscles when you can; avoid strain because healing a strain takes up extra energy; when sitting or resting, be in a position that is restful (slightly reclined (but not slouched), legs supported, and support for all body parts).

For me, I feel as if I already have this knowledge - but a refresher, as well as other ideas of how to accommodate these practices in to real life is helpful.

What has stood out to me:

There is an important artery behind the knee, where if compressed while sitting, can slow blood flow (which is low energy).

What this means for me:

I need a stool for my feet while I'm sitting at the kitchen table.

Another thing that has stood out to me:

Try to keep your body compact. Whether you are sitting, eating, making dinner, reaching, bending, keep your back straight, and try to keep your elbows close to your body. Commonly used items should be kept at a height that is in between your shoulders and your elbows.

What this means for me:

My Mini-Wheats cereal is up too high.

The only good thing about my pantry is that Andrea once made up some baskets for little things in the pantry, and labeled them for easy access.



Little bits about my life with MS

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