how I'm feeling: Pt. 2

I have another inner secret to let out. It's kind of like being tired of the's something that I feel, but don't get too worried about doesn't ruin my days. I periodically feel overwhelmed. Yup.

I don't have any outside imposed responsibilities, and I feel like I have too much to do...or that I am missing/forgetting something. As I mentioned in a previous post, I do have a number of medical tests/appointments this month. I'm also flying to Kitchener at the end of the month...time to visit Ladyfingers, Dude, Annie, B, Nickle and 2Penny.

All normal life stuff, without the responsibility of a job. I shouldn't feel overwhelmed.

This afternoon, I was watching my soap opera, as I do most afternoons, and I noticed that I felt guilty for watching television. Then I realized that I had already been out grocery shopping with Jason, washed the dishes in the sink, put other dishes in the dishwasher, and hap-hazardly dusted the open area of the main floor of the house. I should add, that yesterday, I was out for the count all day...just too mentally and physically tired to do anything.

I need to stop this craziness!

I need to find a balance. I actually had that terrible "I'm a food server" in a restaurant nightmare the other night. It has been awhile since those images crept into my head. And if you are wondering, Sunday evenings are still filled with thoughts of "going to work" on Monday mornings (at least, once in silver moon).

****shaking my head****



Little bits about my life with MS

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