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Ho dee hum.

I spent last night watching the Canadian Electoral Debate - the entire two hours. This was a first for me (and Jason would have watched the entire drama too, had it not been for a live on-line hockey pool draft). I turned off the television, and found myself hoping for an upcoming political wipe-out...a rise to the top by two of the parties federally on the bottom. If it isn't this time around, I predict that in the near future we will no longer be a country that bleeds red or blue.

Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party, appears to be by far, the most intelligent and passionate politician of the five party leaders. Go Greens! It's no wonder some of the leaders didn't feel she should be allowed to participate in the debate!

Still on the election tone...I did eventually e-mail two of the four individuals running for office in my area. We are still waiting for a response from either party, but despite this, we did get some answers.

Following the e-mails (but not in relation to) both parties, the Conservatives and the New Democratic Party, phoned us to ask if they could count on our vote on election day. I answered both calls, and both pollsters received a response of "undecided" from me. I explained that I was awaiting communication from the party on issues that are important to me.

Hours after receiving the call from the Conservative party, I had a telephone conversation with the campaign manager for Thomas Steen, the Conservative candidate. I quickly scrawled down four topics for me to question...I wasn't ready, as I was hoping for a face-to-face, or scheduled conversation!

So I asked, Jeff, what the Conservative plan/view and/or Mr. Steen's view/plan was on the following things:

1. funding for necessary drugs, in particular to even out funding across the country
I didn't get a specific answer for this question. I got the Conservative line, touting their "wait time" guarantees that was set up between the provinces and the feds.

2. caregiver leaves from work
I didn't get a specific answer to this one either, just that it sounds like a good idea, and he then connected it to childcare. I told him that the idea is a priority of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, and is looking to go before parliament.

3. I don't remember my third question. Seriously.

My last question was also directed as a party question, and as the view of the candidate: What is the Conservative stand on stem cell research, and where does Mr Steen stand on this. If it were to brought up in the HC again, would Mr Steen have to vote as per the party line, or could he vote as he himself believes?

I got a straight answer on this one. Should this subject arise in Parliament again, it would be, as are all moral issues brought to a vote, an individual decision. As for where Mr Steen stands on this issue, Jeff wasn't sure. Jeff felt confident in speaking for Mr Steen on the other issues that we discussed (I still can't remember my third question), but he would need to find out the answer to this last question.

So I did get to speak with someone. While I appreciate the time and effort put forth by the Conservative party, I can't say that they have my vote.



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