the story continues

This is just a quick check-in...Jason thought that I should post to give you an update...I think that he should just do the post himself...

In a nutshell, I returned to a THIRD hospital on Friday Aug 8, with my gynecologist doctor expecting me, preparing for surgery on the 9th. What was supposed to be a surgery to drain an ovarian cyst, and remove some other "gyne" garbage, turned into a life saving measure.

At some point, likely when I was at one of the other two hospitals, my appendix ruptured.

My abdomen is an infected mess.

I got home from the hospital on August 15...and celebrated my 34th birthday yesterday.

Today, while trying to focus on the good, I realized that all of my MS symptoms have been kept at bay. I was only reminded of my MS when I had my Rebif injection on Friday. We hit a small vein, which is then always accompanied by 12 seconds of pain while the liquid goes in. The burning sensation was too much for me that day, having just returned from the hospital...

I'm tired.



Little bits about my life with MS

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