changes in the air

It's that time of year...the season is changing, the new school year is starting, the new television season is upon's a time of change and welcoming new experiences. It's kind of like New Year's Day...starting over.

I am starting over, in my new official role as House Manager-Freelance Designer-Kittycat Masseuse. I received word that my long term disability will squabbles or questions asked...just periodic check-ins.

You may also be wondering what happened with BB. Let's just say that thanks to my recent medical trauma, I went out on my own I wanted. I'm at peace with this was my decision, and I fully recognize* that I am not able to work.

I want to embrace my new role. I don't want to be a couch potato, or a bump in my bed. I have spent the past two years hanging around my house in sweat pants and old t-shirts. My other clothes are work clothes - dress pants and button down shirts. You may think this sounds superficial, but appropriate dress can make or break your attitiude, as well as your perception of yourself. Dress the part! On that note, I have found myself wanting a casual wardrobe. It's a bit like needing back to school clothes, or clothes for your new job.

Maybe I need to mandate a house uniform...


*at least this is how I feel today, and for most of this past week


Denver Refashionista said...
August 31, 2008 at 3:35 p.m.

I love makeovers with a passion. You should totally go shopping. If you find you cannot decide what to buy send me an email and I'll send you some refashion tips.

Anonymous said...
September 2, 2008 at 3:12 p.m.

when you wanna go shopping? :)

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