just bits

I'm hanging in. My recovery isn't going as smooth as I had hoped. A burning sensation in my entire abdomen woke me up last night, and discomfort and pain continued today. I have a call into my surgeon...just to make sure that this is ok.

So on another note...

I am hoping to take part in the trial of an electronic Rebif injector. I don't know much about it right now, other than the company conducting the trial can't seem to get my e-mail address correct.

I'm pretty excited about possibly being a part of a trial...I always have an opinion! I guess in a small way, I'll feel like I am contributing to something. I'm not sure if I would ever be interested in a drug trial...those aren't numbers I'm sure I would want to contribute to.

Last on my list of bits for today...

Can you feel fall in the air? There seems to be a crispness in the air and in the breeze around here. I love the fall, not for the colours, but for the crisp air.




Little bits about my life with MS

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