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Here I am - back home, and maybe I can get back to posting.

Or maybe not yet. Tomorrow, I'm having day surgery...and the word is I may be uncomfortable for a couple of days after. Also, there is a chance that my MS symptoms may flare up. Apparently, people with MS should consider whether or not elective surgery is necessary. I'm assuming a flare up would be a result of stress.

I am not really afraid of a flare up of symptoms. What I am afraid of is that my abilities might be altered following general anesthetic. I met with the anesthetist yesterday, and he assured me that the risk of this was small (less than 3%), and that there are no other precautions we could take to decrease this risk even more.

In other news...

My liver enzymes keep climbing - so my MS doctor is sending me back to the hepatologist. That appointment is next week...instead of the scheduled follow-up for December.

Let's skip to some better news...

Ladyfingers and Dude are in town! They arrived last night, and have settled in nicely. Flowers, yard work...'tis the season!

Well this is all that I have for now. I hope that is sun is shining where you are!



Anonymous said...
June 5, 2008 at 5:43 a.m.

Hey Em,

I'll have a good thought for you today.

I know that sometimes the hospitals give popsicles to kids after surgery - maybe they'll give you a Creamsicle!

As for your liver...maybe you don't drink enough. Summer seems like a fine time to break out the girlie drinks and go wild! I'll join you remotely if that's incentive.

No sun shining here today - but hot weather is forecast for our neighbourhood BBQ on Saturday.

Chin up, and hi to everyone.



corina said...
June 6, 2008 at 2:13 p.m.

the sun is definitely not shining where i am! booooourns.

AND young lady you should be home resting!

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