I just want to clarify something. I'm trying to develop a routine so that I feel as if there is more to my life than just "sloughing" around. Well, not that I "slough"...but I feel as if I do. I feel as if I don't have any "pressing" things...I'm never in a time crunch. I don't wear a watch anymore. Hmmm...I'm having trouble explaining this well.

As it's been, for the past two years, everyday, I shower...just not always at the same time. I get up sometime in the morning, but sometimes I return to bed if I don't feel well. I have been waiting for the "healing" process to finish. I was told that my brain suffered a major assault, and it would take time to heal. Well I'm tired of waiting...I think that the healing is over. This is what I've got to work with.

So, like everybody else, I'm going to try and be responsible. I'll get up at the same time everyday, eat and shower as if I have to leave the house (or go to my home office) for languishing or lolly-gagging. Weather and wobbles permitting, I'll go for a walk with Jason in the morning. If it seems hot and/or muggy, I will hold off the walk until the evening.

What I do for the rest of the day is still up in the air. So far, two days in, a nap occurs from 1:00 o'clock on. Maybe I will set up a schedule like this:

Monday: sweep the floor(s)

Tuesday: dust

Wednesday: clean sink(s)


It's summer time, so I have to add flower pot maintenance to the household chores.

Yup, this is me trying to feel important...with a routine. Nothing to lose, lots to gain.



Ladyfingers said...
June 25, 2008 at 5:16 p.m.

You are important regardless of what you do. It is great that you are setting goals for yourself but remember the baby steps and don't feel like you've failed if you just can't do it some days. Remember Dr. Schmidt's words Em.

Love, Mom XO

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