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As of today, I am two "full dose" injections down. Not that this is a countdown...or that there is any reason to count, period. The experience has been night and day compared with the previous daily injections!

For the most part, these needles are practically a "shoot-and-go"! At 8 pm, I take two Tylenol Arthritis pills (since they are long release, and should get me through the night), and at 9 pm Jason "shoots me". By 10 pm, my legs are a bit achy, I'm tired, and my stomach is a bit out of sorts So I go to bed, and sleep it off...if there is anything to sleep off. I felt a bit "yucky" this morning, and remembered that I did on Saturday morning as I am associating this discomfort with the medication.

Last night, when Jason removed the needle cap, some of the liquid dripped onto his hand...and it irritated his skin! He said that it was a bit itchy, and the red mark was still there this morning (although a bit lighter in colour). And I'm putting this stuff UNDER my skin?

*Time for a side note...Rebif is a genetically-engineered beta interferon that uses Chinese hamster ovary cells. The use of mammalian cells allows for greater human tolerance...or, ideally the body won't reject it.

At this point, these injections are far less of a production when compared to the Copaxone. I don't ice the site prior to and/or following the needle...I can cover the spot immediately with clothing, and even lean on it (arm or butt cheek)! Granted, I'm not a bundle of smiles and energy; I get tired quickly. But that sure beats crying from pain! And having the week-end off is fantastic!

I had physio yesterday...and I was awesome! Things are feeling really good right now on the "wobbly" front. As I was waiting for my turn with the therapist, I over heard the woman before me describing her "not-real sensations". Her experience is that of feeling like "being in a hammock". I wanted to poke my head around the corner and share in her situation...because I know that there is nothing relaxing or comforting about being in a hammock when there isn't an actual hammock .




Ladyfingers said...
March 5, 2008 at 1:55 p.m.

Glad the rebif experience is manageable although I could do without the Chinese hamster ovary info. Be careful J that stuff is obviously not good for YOU.

Mom XX

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