Test the Nation

Let's change the subject...

Do you remember Test the Nation....

There was a new episode that aired on CBC in January...Test the Nation Trivia!

Jason and I just completed two rounds in the Mental Gym...

Emily Round 1: 50%
Jason Round 1: 40%

Emily Round 2: 30%
Jason Round 2: 40%

Emily Round 3: 60%
Jason Round 3: 40%

These questions are tough! I'm embarrassed that I don't know more about current events!

You should give it a try:


Don't be shy...let us know how you did!

Emily and Jason


peewee said...
March 9, 2008 at 9:55 a.m.

ROUND 1 50%

ROUND 2 60%

ROUND 3 30%

Wow... did I ever bomb round 3!!!!

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