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Jason and I have gotten into the habit of having him read my posts before I publish them. So if you ever see a grammatical's wasn't me! He also reads them at this time, because if he doesn't, I don't remember to tell him that I did a post. I know what you are thinking...why should I have to tell him...why can't he look like everyone else does. Well now I know why...

Jason is too busy doing the following:

1. conquering my high score in Tower Blocks on facebook.
2. conquering my high score in Blocky on facebook.
3. conquering me at Scramble on facebook.

But that's ok, because when I'm not sleeping...and he's not on facebook...I'm conquering him at Cribbage. I'm also deeply involved in my hobby...beading.

This morning, Jason admitted that I will never be a housewife...I will be a "Bead Pimp"*.

I have an empire to create....


*this is all wishful and positive thinking. Thank goodness that I do have beads...I can't imagine not having a hobby (well, a sit down hobby). I would have surely gone cuckoo from sitting here! Or maybe I should become a Master Cribbage Champion...


corina said...
March 12, 2008 at 11:42 a.m.

i meant to ask to see the new pieces last nite :( too sleepy to remember much these days...

i'll be your bead whore ;p

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