this morning

I don't do mornings. Never have...and quite possibly never will. Well maybe I will do mornings once I don't feel the physical and mental need to get 9-12 hours of sleep every 24 hours.

Yesterday, Jason and I were discussing whether or not I should put myself on a schedule - alarm clock and all. The discussion was pretty brief: no alarm clocks for me right now.

Back to why I was up early this morning:

I had my first physio appointment today. Things may have been more productive if my chart, with all test results, had been delivered to the rehab department. Instead, it stayed at the MS Clinic. The therapist administered some tests of her own, and many of them I executed a result that falls within normal range. I also mentioned to her that today was a fairly good day, symptom wise. Eventually, after placing me in total darkness and shaking my head around like a magic eight ball in her hands...she cracked the mystery..."ah ha!"

Her conclusion is that all of my symptoms "make sense" and we can try to better manage the symptoms...but no promises. I don't get that impression that the rehabilitation will only be as good as the student...there will be other uncontrollable factors interfering with the results.

Marbles still rattlin'



Little bits about my life with MS

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