Get with the program

Another trip to physio yesterday morning...another appointment where my chart was not available to review test results.

So the therapist decided that she would discuss strategies with me for what she derived from her testing...which is a left beating nystagmus. I listened for a bit, and took note of her suggestions. Then I asked if a left beating nystagmus would cause my "rocking sensations"..."Well, no, not really", was her response. She then got defensive, saying that the other tests should not diminish her findings.

So I dug deep into my "salesperson bag of tricks"...looked her in the eye, constructed a look of sympathy on my face..."Oh, of course not. I'm sure that you observed a left beating nystagmus back in March. However, that isn't why I was advised to come here. There is some concern that I could fall on my butt at any time...even though I don't feel that way."

" Dr Garber sent you here to work on your balance! Let me get some tools..."

And that is how my exercise program was born!

As for her other strategies, I will try those too. In hindsight, they seem to make perfect sense...too simple, really. Essentially, vision and cognition will overpower sensation. In a moment of "wobbles"...STOP, THINK, and STARE. Stop what I'm doing, tell myself that things are stable, and focus on a stationary spot.

I am in charge.



Ladyfingers said...
February 14, 2008 at 3:23 p.m.

Yes my dear Em. When the Physiotherapist doesn't know what the Dr. wants. And the ENT Dr. doesn't agree with the Neurologist and the second Neurologist doesn't agree with the first Neurologist (to name only a few of the players who seem to be not even playing the same game), that leaves YOU in charge and you'd better make sure they all play by YOUR rules.

You Go Girl!!

Mom XO

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