schedule for the week

Jason is on vacation this week! Oh what the week will bring...

Actually, we already know what the week will bring. Yesterday afternoon, we sat down and wrote a schedule for the next 9 days. The schedule has three purposes: to make Jason feel like he accomplished something on his vacation; to compel Jason to complete the mudding/sanding/painting of the new walls in the basement; and finally, to best optimize our time together by scheduling down time for me.

The first piece of advice that I received when I was diagnosed, was to never schedule back to back BIG days/events. While we have tried to adhere to this style of living (haha, like I have much of a life right now), we are truly taking it to heart this time. We will see if mandatory rest periods (not to mention simply having a schedule) influence my bad day to good day ratio.

One thing that we were not able to schedule for this week was my first injection. I called Elsie on Friday to let her know that I have my needles, but I don't have the parcel that I was supposed to get from her. So now it looks as if my first injection will be late this week or early the following week. I really would have loved to have Jason not under the burden of a 4 am get up for the beginning of this.

C'est la vie,



Ladyfingers said...
February 11, 2008 at 8:21 a.m.

Vacation? What vacation?
Vacations usually include some fun.
Hop on a plane and come frolic in our snow. Visit Mount Trashmore where you broke your ribs that could be fun. I wonder how your equilibrium would be on a toboggan? Hmmm, on second thought stay home and do your exercises.

Love, Mom

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