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Have you heard about Post Crossing?

The premise is quite simple: send postcards to receive postcards. Why? It's fun to get mail. What does it cost? the cost of an international stamp and a postcard.

My first 2 postcards: Seattle, Washington and Vienna, Austria

A simple concept in complicated times. Once you sign-up (it's free) you can request your first random address (click here to see the international reach of Post Crossing) and a brief "hello, this is me" from the person you are sending your card to. Once your "receiver" registers that he/she received your card, you can expect your first card to be delivered to your mailbox along with the usual flyers and bills.

And this is another one of my Recipes For Lemonade.

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Ladyfingers said...
February 16, 2012 at 1:09 p.m.

Kudos Em. I know how much you are enjoying this. Perhaps you'll encourage more people to do it.

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