Perking Up a Standby Meal

French Toast has always been a super quick and easy supper for me. It was the perfect thing to eat before running off for the evening shift at my part-time job, and even nowadays when time is aplenty, but energy is lacking.

In my 20's, I loved it when I learned to add vanilla and cinnamon to the egg mixture - what a difference it makes! And now, in my 30's, I learned to add syrup to the mixture! Eggs, milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and syrup!

To see the full recipe for the above pictured French Toast, click here.

The other "new tip" that I discovered in this recipe (that I tried since the oven was on anyway) is to brown the egg soaked bread in the frying pan, and then transfer it to the oven to warm the rest of the way through. I did this, but I think I left the bread pieces in the frying pan for too long, as it was a bit tough.


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