It's Been Good

I need to finish the posts that I start. I also need to carry around something to make notes on for future blog posts - these things would make me a better blogger.


I have had a great summer. Whatever happened to me and my wobbles back in June (relapse or stress induced) didn't last long - maybe four or five days. My fatigue level has been manageable and my body is regulating it's temperature.

I'm going to repeat that last one - my body is regulating it's a normal person! I know, I know, my house is cold like a walk-in freezer. But when I have been out and about (which was a lot last week) I haven't had to carry around a towel to wipe my brow! No wait, I have carried around a towel, I just didn't use it.

I realized this the other night and exclaimed to Jason, "The fire is down, the fire is down".* My thermostat is currently f-i-n-e.

*a "fire" was the word used by my first neurologist to describe an inflammation when I complained to him of symptoms returning...he said that "the fires were high".

So is there anything else that could possibly make this a great summer?

Let me list a few:

1. I finally got to test out one of those single paddler plastic kayaks and enjoyed it
2. I spent an afternoon at a water slide park and didn't get fatigued OR dizzy
3. I had a great birthday complete with a picnic, my first William and Catherine book and a cherry chip cake

I think that is enough for now. The summer isn't over.


Little bits about my life with MS

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