Oh Them Wobbles

"The fires are high". That is the phrase I turn to when I can't figure out why my symptoms (ie. numbness, swallowing, wobbles) return after being dormant, and I officially can't call it a relapse. The phrase came from the first neurologist who treated me, and I refer back to his wise (and helpful) words when I struggle with things MS related...except the other day.

When my wobbles perked up last week, without any provocation from my daily actions, I told myself that "the fires are high". I was okay with that: I would take some pills and stay out of the kitchen. But when they showed up yesterday while playing a board game with Jason (sitting still), suffice it to say that those words gave me little comfort. Had I put a little extra concentration in to the game? It sounds crazy, I know, but getting wobbles from thinking is not new for me, but it is new lately.

I don't enjoy math or science, but I do like to have concrete answers...so I ask....WHY?!


Sherri said...
April 19, 2011 at 6:33 p.m.

my symptoms seem to act unruly when i'm doing one thing for too long...no matter what that one thing might be... even if it's sitting... ugh

they never go away...just sort of lay down then rise up... keeps life interesting... one big adventure..

Little bits about my life with MS

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