Mom Is My Guest Poster!

My mom, known on here as Ladyfingers, has a passionate opinion on all things that involve MS. Ladyfingers doesn't keep her thoughts buried when it comes to CCSVI, so I asked her if she would be interested in writing a "bit" for my blog. And what better time to do so then when Canada is diving into it's fourth federal election in seven years.

The first paragraph is a long-length version of what she writes on the political propaganda that litters our mailboxes. You read that correct, she returns the propaganda with her own desires and questions - ignoring the "cause" the politico has highlighted.

A Federal election. Time for me to hone my speech. Am I campaigning
for a Party? No. I am searching for a Party; a Party, a leader,
someone with authority. I want someone to guarantee for me that they
will "take up the cause" of all Canadians who are suffering from
Multiple Sclerosis. I want more Federal money going to the MS Society
(presently 95% of their contributions are from the public.). I want
CCSVI clinics opened up to investigate & treat MS patients . Certainly
the fact that so many sufferers are going to other Countries at a
great personal expense should make them realize how serious the
disease is. If a person is willing to put his or her life in danger
for this procedure does that not speak volumes? Seventy thousand
people in this country are victims of MS.

I am returning any & all mail I get from any Political Party with this
message hand written & signed by me. I have been returning my MP's
mail for a year. I have voted in every election since 1968. I may have
voted in my last.

People keep saying there are no issues, that this election is a waste
of money. Perhaps these same people need to know about the suffering &
disabiliy experienced by MS patients. Canadians die every day of this
disease. Isn't this worthy of being an issue?

I continually receive mail from the MS Society saying  "we are so
close to a cure". Wouldn't the Gov't. in power be thrilled if it could
claim to have contributed to it?


jake + cleo said...
March 31, 2011 at 12:41 p.m.

hear hear! You tell 'em Lady!

Little bits about my life with MS

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