It's the Most Expensive Time of the Year...

...and the drug company put up the price!

I know, there is no collusion between the insurance company, the drug company, or the even the pharmacy. But still...the price increase with my Rebif corresponds to the time of year that I have to pay out of pocket for my drugs.

I knew that I would have to pay some money, but the amount I was asked to pay caused me to do a double take at the receipt. The retail price of the Rebif has gone up from $1921.92 to $2025.71 per month - in just one month. I am blessed to have insurance that helps with this amount, and next month I shouldn't have to pay anything - but what about the people who don't have insurance, or who don't live in a Province that covers Rebif?

At the Comedy Club...

Multiple Sclerosis - you're getting on my nerves.

Oh Them Wobbles

"The fires are high". That is the phrase I turn to when I can't figure out why my symptoms (ie. numbness, swallowing, wobbles) return after being dormant, and I officially can't call it a relapse. The phrase came from the first neurologist who treated me, and I refer back to his wise (and helpful) words when I struggle with things MS related...except the other day.

When my wobbles perked up last week, without any provocation from my daily actions, I told myself that "the fires are high". I was okay with that: I would take some pills and stay out of the kitchen. But when they showed up yesterday while playing a board game with Jason (sitting still), suffice it to say that those words gave me little comfort. Had I put a little extra concentration in to the game? It sounds crazy, I know, but getting wobbles from thinking is not new for me, but it is new lately.

I don't enjoy math or science, but I do like to have concrete I ask....WHY?!
Little bits about my life with MS

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