Hot hot hot. It's 15 degrees (and overcast) today, and I am HOT. My internal thermostat is whacked. Broken. Misfiring. Screwing with my happiness and comfort.

My face is covered in beads of perspiration. I radiate heat.

And to top it off, I think that the 44mcg of Rebif is creating more/greater nausea on my P.I.D days. And more headaches.

And my left leg is uncomfortable: it feels like a stretched elastic - and every once in awhile (okay, every five minutes) it releases, somewhere in my leg.

Did I mention that I'm still dealing with a rough run of fatigue?

These are tough times.

Last week, and I think even for a couple of days the week before, I napped every day. But I still pushed through - trying to be "productive" everyday. So far, since Sunday, I have done pretty much NOTHING. I don't even have the desire to be "productive".

For a change, I'm not fighting with myself to "do" something.


Oh yes, and here is a Rebismart update. I can no longer handle the pain associated with injecting the Rebif in my thigh. I've tried an icepack prior to the injection, and maybe in a couple of weeks I'll try heat. But for now, I have dropped my thighs. I'm in no frame of mind or physical space to put myself through any more pain than necessary.


Anonymous said...
June 10, 2010 at 10:08 p.m.

Hey Emily, Ive been recently diagnosed in March, and found your Blog through looking online on how to inject in your arms.. Thank you for keeping notes.. I don't feel so alone.. and I check up on you all the time.. I myself have been having a hard time with my thigh injections and called the ms line... they helped me change my settings and I found out that i was not injecting on my thighs properly, Im suppose to do it on the sides, where the crease on your pants are... Hmm go figure, So in 3 more injection sites it will be time for my tighs again and we will see how the pain is.. if its still there I will do just like you and skip..
Anyways take care of yourself, and keep your chin up high..:) HUGS

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