this post contains needles

For some time now (well over a year) I have intended to take pictures of the Rebif (22mcg) and Copaxone pre-filled syringes. I know that you have been just itching to know what they look like.

What IS all the fuss about?

I have shared my pre-shot, during-shot, and post-shot reactions with you. You have heard about tears, seen pictures of welts and red marks, and you have read about how these darn needles can cause stress for the whole family. I have let you know when I've found needle disposals in public washrooms, and when I was once able to shoot-and-go at the Rogers Center in Toronto. Ice packs, heat packs, wonderful telephone nurses, and atrocious prices for these DMDs (disease modifying drugs).

Surely you must be wondering what they look like...what does poison...a clear liquid that can burn your skin...liquid gold....look like. Well now you know.

Rebif advertises a smaller needle than the other DMDs. The Rebif syringe is on the right.

This photo is of a Copaxone needle, a needle used to inject insulin, and the Rebif needle.

DMDs - the front-line treatment for MS.



Little bits about my life with MS

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