an answer to my question

Someone at the swallowing clinic actually read my questionnaire responses!

They called me! They really called me, and talked to me about my strange predicament!

The woman that I spoke with, has never heard of a "food in my throat situation" quite like mine.


So this is a summary of what she had to say...when it happens, try to breathe through my nose. Relax. Deep breathes through my nose...I can try to "trick" the reflex in to going again with a bit of liquid, but not much, because that could backfire (as it has!). I can set up a signal with anyone that I am eating with to rub my back, and help me relax...but no fancy maneuvers as I am not YET choking.

At the end of our conversation, I asked one more question..."Is this my MS"?

Her response was that with MS, as we know, there can be "spasm" like reactions, and mine just happens to be in my throat...that will be "my thing".

Let's hope that she is wrong.



Little bits about my life with MS

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