Little Advances

I've had a couple of personal "breakthroughs" in the past week.

Last week, Jason and I spent a few days at his grandparents trailer, a couple of hours east of Winnipeg. To keep ourselves occupied, we indulged our interest of "game playing": cards, trivia, cribbage, tri-ominos...and the list goes on. The best part of all, is that I felt "fog-free" enough to learn three new card games! I had enough concentration and memory power to learn new games, and be happy at the same time!

*I was so fog-free that I skunked Jason twice in Crib, and beat him three times at Scrabble. And I won one of the new games.

My other breakthrough happened yesterday, when I drove myself to the shopping mall...on the other side of downtown! I shopped with C. , and I even drove myself home. But let's just focus on that part, and not that fact that I am paying for it with sleepiness today.

Another exciting development for me is that I have read three novels in the past month. I can follow the story, I don't have to re-read lines or paragraphs, and I can hardly put a book down. This is not exciting because I just learned how to read...but rather I have a greater ability to retain and concentrate than I did one year ago. I mean, two years ago, the letters on the page made me wobbly, and after that moving my eyes back and forth to follow a sentence made me wobbly...this is huge!

Small things. Big impact.



corina said...
September 25, 2008 at 1:52 p.m.

another breakthrough you forgot to bought bootylicious jeans and you're going to wear them with confidence and pride in your 'cute little figure' ;p

it sounds like your brain is healing and that's a wonderful thing! something to celebrate!

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