another phone call

It's after midnight, on Sunday. For the past few nights, the sandman has not come to visit me at a decent hour. Last night, it was sometime after 3am! I have restless legs, and they are moving at full speed. I try to fall asleep before the leg jerks start, but I never can.

So instead of getting frustrated, I thought that I would let you know about a telephone call that I received yesterday afternoon (Saturday). The surgeon whom I saw at the second hospital, who is named in the letter written to the hospital...whom we feel failed to do his job...called me. He felt that it was something that he should do.

He had a lot to say, and his tone was genuine, and un-rushed. He did apologize for what I have endured, and he agreed that surgery was needed. He thought that I was getting it...from the gyne department. He referred to it as mis-communication between the two departments.

I feel good that he called. Honestly, I think that we are all surprised that he did call, or at least call himself. It doesn't mean that the patient safety review is off the table...this slate is not clean.
But this has been a good start.

I'll keep you posted,



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