Maybe I Should Go Out

Oh the swallows...

Too bad it isn't the name of a rockin' country band. Sometimes I say to myself, "Oh the wobbles", and these days I say, "Oh the swallows". So you may have figured out I'm not referring to birds in the backyard either.

Yes, it's my swallowing difficulty that I'm focused on these days. I've blogged about this problem before, like when I torpedoed fries and a drink out of my mouth in public or when I, just read the story if you want to know ... yeah, THAT problem.

I had been doing so well:

I ate without thinking about it. I enjoyed my meals. I didn't have "returns" in my mouth.

Now, I have to be conscious of chewing, moving food to the back of my mouth (the tongue moves the food).

A quick video on how swallowing food happens

I regurgitate food that is "sitting"in a la la that is just "hanging" out in a dangerous spot. I drink more water while eating.

But I haven't done anything embarrassing or provocative...dare I say it's been boring? Maybe I should go out for dinner and see what happens...


Little bits about my life with MS

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