It Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

Have you ever been told to stop making something more difficult than it is? Or how about being told that there is/was an easier way to do what you are doing? Does this sound familiar to you? Do you do something the same way every time, because you always have done it "that way", and there is no point in changing it now?

I recently discovered an easy way to do something; something that in the past was very difficult to do. I went into the task assuming the worst, using my past experience to dictate my approach this time around.

I'm talking about giving our wiry little cat a pill - every day.

In the past, Jason and I have given up on this. We would let the seven pound fur ball get the best of us. Popping a pill in her mouth and coaxing her to swallow was not an option. Hiding it in food or in a special pet "pill pocket": she's too smart for that.  Now, I feel like she really is smarter than me, because giving her a pill is easy.

All I needed to do was crush up the pill with a mortar and pestle, and mix it up with a "treat" food. So easy - every time.

People change. Needs change. Be open.


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