In the Kitchen #2


Who doesn't love a chocolate chip cookie? And who wouldn't love a homemade chocolate chip cookie that covers 3 important chocolate bases: white, milk, and semi-sweet ? Delicious chocolate chips, and a swirl of of melted chocolate!

These cookies are a favourite in my house (along with the Easy Peanut Butter Cookie recipe that can be found on the back of the peanut butter jar!) But this time, with this recipe, I'm trying something different. The instructions said that the dough could be frozen in balls, and when removed from the freezer, cooked from frozen for an additional five minutes.

I formed the balls on a cookie sheet and instead of placing them in the oven, I slid them into the freezer. This would ensure that the balls would not stick together as they froze. The next day I placed the frozen balls into a freezer bag: it's easy to remove however many cookies I want to bake, whenever I need a cookie!

You can find the recipe HERE


jake + cleo said...
February 14, 2011 at 8:55 a.m.

those are some tasty cookies! And I love the idea of having fresh cookies whenever you need them. All gooey and chocolatey and warm. MMMM

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