Another Swallowing Study

Once again, I don't have much time to prepare for an upcoming appointment. Thanks to a canceled appointment, I have a swallowing study with the speech-communication disorder clinic, on Monday. Instead of once again telling Dr E. that I have had the specialists evaluate me already, I accepted the referral (this will be by third visit with a speech therapist). I receive annual "check-in" surveys from the therapist, but when this past one came around, I didn't have the problem that I have now.

I gag when I brush my teeth.

If you have followed my blog from it's beginning, you would know that I take great care of teeth. And if you have ever been with me at bedtime, you would know that I take special care when brushing me teeth: no corner, surface, or cranny is missed.

But for the past month (or more) brushing my teeth has been an uncomfortable routine. I don't expect anyone to be able to help me with this situation, but I do want to know if it's related to my MS.



Sandra said...
October 17, 2010 at 12:42 a.m.

Emily, this could totally be related to your MS. I started gagging eight or nine years ago on saliva, sips of water, and so on then started choking on tiny pieces of food about four or five years ago. I also used to wake up in the middle of the night gagging on saliva and being unable to make a sound. Several times over the past two years, I've walked to the phone and dial 911 because I was gagging and unable to breathe at home alone. I used to think "if I only pass out, the gagging will stop and I will breathe." The bits of food I was choking on were tiny bits of carrot and tiny bits of bread crumbs (like a toast crust or crouton), so I know I couldn't have choked on them, and yet I was.

This all changed for me July 7 when I had angioplasty for CCSVI. I was eating pizza, crust and all, three hours later and suddenly realized I was taking big bites, and even talking with my mouth full (how rude!). Since that day, I haven't choked ONCE. This is after eight or nine years where I was eventually choking at least four or five times a day.

I've heard other people say they're angioplasty did not help with their swallowing, but for me it solved it 100%. I only hope it will do the same for all of us one day.

~Sandra, admin for Facebook page for CCSVI in British Columbia:

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