More CCSVI and My Cart

So further to my apple cart...

It has taken me some time to accept this current "cart". I have finally stopped looking back at what I did have, did do, and did plan. Don't get me wrong, I still have days where life stinks, but when all is said and done, my sub-conscious has done a lot of work to get me here. Lemons and lemonade.

I am comfortable with my life right now. I still see dangling carrots (I hang them myself!), but they aren't unobtainable: they are just enough to keep me going. I feel secure, despite having an unpredictable disease. For the most part, I don't fear the repo-man, taking away my insurance (although, after speaking to someone who has been on insurance for 10 years, it is normal to ALWAYS have that fear).

So now, I have to consider that the CCSVI investigations in Vancouver are limited to scans only - no "Liberation". Is this something that I am interested in having done?

Would finding out that I don't have stenosis upset my apple cart?

Would finding out that I do have stenosis upset my apple cart?

What would I do with the information? Is it worth spending the money ($2350 plus airfare, hotel, and food)? Is it worth someone having to come with me?

What if I told you that the waiting list is LESS than four months? And, obviously, is less than $10 000.

What if I have the scans done, as per the current official protocol (as set out by Dr Zamboni and others), only to find out in three years*, when I go for Liberation, that I have to have it all re-done?

*this is a fictional three years

I have never planned to visit Vancouver, or at least not before I visit Newfoundland.

Decisions, decisions.



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