I went to the Mental Gym again

Whew - another two minutes at the gym!
Here is the link for the "exercises" that I just did:


What was my score, you ask..ok, I'll be honest. I scored 70% (1:25:913) and I completely zoned out on one of the questions (meaning, I didn't get an answer in on time). So I redid the test, and scored 80% (1:05:974). I put in all the same answers as the first time, and obviously didn't miss one this time. The unfortunate thing is, I believe that I scored 100% - I wouldn't change my answers...none of them.

I went to the mental gym today because I just finished reading some information on cognitive issues and MS, and they do recommend some mental exercises. I actually consider this blog to be a mental exercise: one of the difficulties that I am experiencing lately is finding words. It happens most often in conversations, and I either can't find the right word to use, or I can't remember the name of someone or some place.

So if I spoke to you the other day, and I'm now telling Jason about our conversation it sounds something like this: "Umm...oh what's her name...crap...you know...*sigh*...{frustration is setting in}, come on Jason, you know who I mean...nevermind."

So please accept this apology in advance - I don't think that you're crap, and it isn't you that is frustrating me.



P.S. In reality, it is difficult to accept this aspect of "My New Reality". I am afraid of how it will effect my ability to perform my job. I find conversations difficult, in particular on the phone, when the person on the other end can't see my difficulty. But...I need to find the humour in it, and I need to find the humour when it happens. I can do it.


Jason said...
June 29, 2007 at 7:49 p.m.

Well, I just finished that test and I think that it screwed me too. I scored 70% in 1:09:138. Argh!

Anonymous said...
July 14, 2007 at 6:37 p.m.

What the heck; when you have MS life itself is a daily test!

I have those same problems with memory and conversing but it is called " old age".

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