Stage One Complete

I finally got around to switching out the theme (that is the background) of this blog. Stage one (or is it post one?) on make-overs is complete. 

Like other make-overs, I'm not completely happy with the result. It's simple compared to other themes I have had in the past, but it isn't overly simple, lacking shapes and visual texture. Glaring to me, on this new theme is the pink bar...I don't consider myself a "pink" person...but I'm going to live with it...learn to like it, as I'm sure we have all been told at one point or another. Instead of spending hours (hours over days) agonizing about the best free theme I could find, one that is the "Emily" brand, I selected this one within one hour.

Stay tuned as I reveal other make-overs in the coming days!

It's a Flop

It has become obvious to me that learning more than the basics about cooking and sharing it here has been a flop. It isn't that I simply haven't shared my newly acquired knowledge, it's that I don't have any to share! I haven't even tried any new recipes that I can share with you.

This blog needs a makeover - again.

Speaking of makeovers, there have been some behind the scenes here (as in within the walls of my house but not visible to you). Once I decide how I feel about these makeovers, I'll share them with you.

Over Christmas, Annie and I went for a walk and I told her that wholesale changes are needed in and around my life in Winnipeg. I just have to figure out where to start and how to support the changes.

In the meantime, there is always music. Music is a good thing. I always end up dancing at some point throughout the day.

So turn up your volume and Stompa with Serena Ryder

Maybe I Do

Let me set the scene for you:

I'm sitting on the couch in the living room with my laptop open. Jason is in the kitchen, which is open to the living room, cleaning off the counter. I'm not sure but the television might be on, and if not, the stereo is.

Suddenly I say,

"Do I sometimes have long pauses between words when I'm speaking?"

Jason responds without missing a beat, "Yes. And you still think that you don't have MS?"

Who does he think he is?! Smart ass.

Maybe I do. Maybe I don't. Maybe I was reading an article about MS symptoms, maybe I wasn't. Maybe I knew the answer the question.

Maybe I did.
Little bits about my life with MS

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